In EcoPristine we use green cleaning and eco-friendly products and practices in all of our accounts to provide chemical-free commercial cleaning services. New improved green products (chemicals and paper) are being released on a regular basis allows us to provide eco cleaning. We use natural organic microfiber cleaning systems (dusting cloths, dust mops and mops) in addition to HEPA-filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter) vacuums to eliminate (rather than circulate) the dust and dirt from your office and house. Therefore, this promotes a healthier you and workers so your business productivity shoots up.

So whether it’s environmentally friendly chemicals or chlorine free 100% recycled paper products, we have it. Accord promotes green cleaning to keep your staff healthier and to help protect our environment.


Say NO to allergy

Allergy can be triggered by some cleaning products which contain toxic chemicals. Therefore, in EcoPristine we always use environmentally friendly and green cleaning products. Additional information on allergic reaction to cleaning products is available in this post.


We Guarantee Our Services

All of our commercial office & house cleaning services fall under the EcoPristine 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with any area that we have cleaned, we will gladly return the next business day to address the issue and correct it.

Call EcoPristine today at  0432 660 312 or fill out our free online contact form on this page for a free cleaning quote and estimate. City Wide General Cleaning is the most experienced cleaning company in the Melbourne area. Call us now for all of your office cleaning, building cleaning, house cleaning, industrial and general cleaning needs.

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